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Wedding Wednesday: Hire A Professional Wedding Planner

Our Wedding Wednesday tip this week:

Hire A Professional Wedding Planner

You may think a Professional Wedding Planners (PWPs) are only for big-budget events, like the ones featured on national wedding blogs and in magazines. However PWPs routinely work with a variety of event types and a range of budgets.

Here are some of the many reasons to hire a Professional Wedding Planner:

  • A Professional Wedding Planner will take your wedding vision and craft it into a reality. His/her talent for design and decor will take the essence of your ideas and turn them into the fairy tale day of your–and your budget’s–dreams.
  • Do you want to do a dissertation’s worth of research yourself or do you want to start with the “Cliff’s Notes” and delve into the areas that truly interest you? A PWP can give you the freedom to dive in when you are infatuated, but take care of things for the parts you find droll or frustrating (but might be important to your family/attendants/guests).
  • PWPs have “seen it all”. Your Professional Wedding Planner is ready to handle any idea you have. And, when one of you conjures a truly unique idea, a Professional Wedding Planner will have the experience necessary to troubleshoot the challenges that will arise. Your PWP will make sure your original–dare we say “weird“? It is Austin, after all!–idea will flow smoothly in accordance with your desires, your guests wants, and your vendors needs!
  • Do you know how to plan a wedding day timeline? What about a plan for the traffic flow at the reception? A Professional Wedding Planner does.
  • A Professional Wedding Planner can take the burden/stress of those most difficult moments away from you and your groom. When you are in it, you can’t see it, but a PWP can be objective and create a peaceful moment out of a stressful circumstance.
    • As You Wish once crafted a quick/sweet candle ceremony to represent the presence of the Best Man who had given his life for our country before having the chance to stand beside his friend on wedding day. The presence of the Best Man was felt by all of us in attendance on that very special day!
    • For another wedding, As You Wish worked with the officiant and the brides’ family to manage a tasteful and meaningful symbolic presence of her father, who died just three days before the wedding. Everyone was spared the wedding-day-turned-memorial fiasco that her bridesmaids had envisioned.
  • A Professional Wedding Planner will save you more money than s/he costs. It’s true. While they don’t have some kind of magical “in” with their favorite vendors for freebies galore, PWPs do know which vendors will fit your budget. PWPs also know how you can maximize the effect you desire while taking a shortcut that no one will notice.
  • Are your moms and maids already arguing over colors and flowers and other details that are yours to make? A PWP will issue an edict and take all the heat for you. S/he is not just a scape goat, but is also the only bona fide professional in the mix. And, since s/he is not personally involved, your maids and moms are more likely to truly listen to the ideas she brings forth (even if they are your ideas!)
  • Most PWPs will also serve as your on-site Wedding Coordinator on wedding day. This will save you from having to figure out who will light the candles at the reception during the last few moments of the ceremony.
  • Although, a PWP plans an event that will naturally avoid hiccups, stuff happens last minute. No one can plan for every contingency or every speedbump of the day. A Professional Wedding Planner will know exactly how to fix problems like: a missing/lost boutonniere, a nervous attendant, a late vendor, a child’s smudge on the cake, etc.
  • Is the baker or catering staff doing this for you? Or, are you stuck to find someone among your family/friends? Do the members of your House Party know how to cut a wedding cake? Probably not. A PWP will make sure that someone knows the best way to cut the cake in accordance with the instructions from your baker.
    (And for the ceremonial cut for you and your groom, a professional wedding photographer will walk you right through that for all the perfect poses!)
  • Even if you are crafty and organized, have you ever planned an event this large or this important? A Professional Wedding Planner will catch all the things you miss.


Face Kandy – Make Up Artist

Kandy Glass (of Face Kandy) is a wonderful, award-winning artist with Bobbi Brown products and a set of makeup brushes! Her line of services is vast and her talents and skill will have you looking and feeling your best!

  • Wedding Day Make-up & Hair
  • Make-up & Hair for any occasion
  • Make-up services at FaceKandy’s Downtown Austin studio
  • Make-up Class for you & 5 others
  • Minimize & Customize. 2 hours sorting, tossing, minimizing and customizing 3 perfect looks with your existing make-up
  • Seasonal updates. Add a few products to take your basic look into the next season

From her own Bio:

“To me, each face starts out as a blank canvas. With make-up brushes in hand, I create an individual look. Beauty is the result. I think of my job as creating beauty…one face at a time.”

Make an appointment today..and take advantage of her holiday specials!

make-up by kandy glass
606 East 3rd Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Business Hours: By appointment

Cypress Vanguard fashion house

Today was the soft opening celebration for Cypress Vanguard fashion house (@CypressVanguard), a fashion and lifestyle co-op.

This collection of designers sharing a storefront is unique and truly Austin. You buy directly from the designers, so your purchases support the fashion community directly.

Designers in the house include: Megan Summerville (@SewSister), Kandy Glass (@FaceKandy), Anslee Connell (@RockMyGypsySoul), Kerri Lawnsby (@FoxyFusions), Jeannie Vianney (@ByJeannie), and Ross Bennett, Milli Star, Purple Paisley, and Tracy Tenpenny.

Cypress Vanguard
606 E 3rd St. Austin, TX 78701
(behind Moonshine)

Keep your eyes peeled, they have plenty of events planned for the next few months!

Austin Personal Bartenders

We are happy to introduce Austin Personal Bartenders and their services. They are  Raising the Bar! Austin Personal Bartenders is your premiere bartending service with a dedicated team devoted to understanding and executing your event; specializing in providing a uniquely personalized service for anything you envision.

Hosts provide alcohol & guests; APB will take care of the rest!

TABC certified bartenders and cocktail servers add a touch of class and style to each event by providing exceptional, friendly service; professional presentation and the little extras that make the big difference.  APB prepares inventory list, orders liquor, provides table & tray service and meet & greet hospitality, and includes set-up & tear down. Leave the partying to the Host and their guests!

Austin Personal Bartenders operates with excellence and integrity. We settle for nothing less than perfection!

Dependable, professional, and knowledgeable in the art of bartending. Austin Personal Bartenders doesn’t stop at success; they take pride in their work and continually exceed expectations. With a true passion for mixology and a vibrant energy, APB will utilize every resource to help make each party a great success. The most important qualities that distinguish APB are individualized service, commitment, and YOU!

APB will consider any special requests (dress to match theme, provide champagne flutes for toasts, choreographed dances, etc…) and customize everything to perfect every event!

“Our success is measured by your satisfaction!”

  • Customized Inventory List
  • Consulting for Alcohol Order
  • Portable Bars | Storage Coolers
  • Ice Bins
  • Glassware
  • Signature Drinks Displays
  • Specialty Drinks | Customized Recipe
  • Personalized Cocktail Shaker

Prices begin at $25.00 per hour for providing bartender services only. Packages start at $45.00. The extent of products & services provided will be affected by preparation time for events, scheduling & availability, and the number of guests.

Full Bar Set-up:

Shakers, Strainers, Jiggers, Bottle Openers, Wine Keys, Pour Spouts, Margarita Rimmer, Juicer, Cutting Board, Knife, Ice Scoops, Bar Mats, Straws, Cocktail Napkins, Bar Caddies, Fruit Caddies, Disposable Cups, Trash Cans & Liners, and Ashtrays.

Full Bar Stock:

Coke, Diet Coke, 7-up, Red Bull, Bottled Water, Tonic Water, Club Soda, Grenadine, Bloody Mary Mix, Sour (Margarita) Mix, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Lemons, Limes, Olives, Cherries, Sugar, and Salt.

~ Customized to each event

Please check out, and learn more about what you can expect from the APB team!

Erin Terry & Chris Garcia
Partners/Senior Planners
Austin Personal Bartenders
512.522.MIX1 (6491)

Thank You Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown

This week, the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Austin threw a nice reception for vendors in the Austin area. It was a great way to meet other professionals in the wedding industry and see what the Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown has to offer for weddings and other large events.

Here are some great reasons to host your event at the
Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown:


They know their stuff. Plus, the key managers have worked together at that venue for a full decade. They know each other and can respond quickly and accurately.

Personal Attention

If your needs are not being met, they will adjust to you. Just ask anyone who tried the vegan quesadillas individually prepared by the chef.

Attention to Detail

The signature cocktail for the event was a Garden Goddess. Think pear-tini meets rosemary lemonade. The only problem with this little yumminess is that they are sweet and therefore stronger than they seem. If you plan to serve these, be sure you have reserved a block of rooms for your event!


They are “in” with so many great vendors. When you need a recommendation for a florist or a DJ, they will have quality referrals for you.


Stellar. Beautiful. Plenty.

Flexible Space

The party space can handle almost 200 guests for a typical wedding reception dinner/dance. Plus, two additional rooms make great spaces for a quiet coffee lounge for  family to visit and a kids room to keep them entertained and happy.

Valet Parking

Parking downtown can be a nightmare, but the Hilton Garden Inn’s valet service is top notch. Your guests will feel pampered and everyone will have an easy trip from the ceremony to the reception.

The View

18th floor. Next to Interstate-35 with a 180-degree view of everything from the University of Texas campus to the State Capitol building and grounds to the full length of 6th Street…and all the way out to Lady Bird Lake and Hill Country. Amazing. Gorgeous. Beautiful.

Our advice: plan your party to start ~30 minutes before sunset and let the view be part of your entertainment. Watch the city come alive at night!


Book a large enough event between now and the end of 2010 and get a complimentary iPad, which you can then use on their free WiFi!