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From “Will you…” to “I do!” in one day!

The setup:

  • She mentions to a friend that it would be cool to get engaged and married in the same day.
  • Her boyfriend gets to work, with the help of her Pinterest wedding page.
  • He flew in her hair stylist and makeup artist. He made sure that all their friends and family were in Miami.
  • He proposed, they went to get a license with the help of friends who were holding a place in line.
  • They planned the event with hotel catering, got ready, rehearsed, and married. …whew, that’s a BIG day!

It’s a long video. The good stuff is at 14:00 and 22:00.

Texas School 2013

This year’s Texas School of Professional Photography was nothing short of amazing! Not only did I get to spend the week with a photographer whom I also admire as a person, I learned some new lighting techniques, some technical tricks, and even made new friends.

I still have a lot to process, mentally and physically. I will have to table some of my post-school learning until June due to some out-of-town May weddings, but it was a week worth all the hard work, the lost voice, and the cold/bug I brought back to Austin from Addison.

Some of my favorite moments:

  • The ah-ha moment that came after struggling with the same topic/equipment last year.
  • The drive up and back with my roommate and new friend.
  • Being the only one of my super hero (Underdog) at theme night.
  • Reinforcement that I am doing a few things as efficiently as possible; keeping processes efficient keeps me from raising prices.
  • Emerald City Band. The #1 band in Dallas. If you need a 12-piece group for a party or event, they can bring it like no one else.
  • Hugs from our students who loved the class and who appreciated the hard work I put into my job as a Wrangler.

Thank you all for your patience. It’s a true luxury that I work with clients who understand when I disappear for a whole week each year. Giving me the chance to learn helps me give you a better final product. I appreciate that you all understand that.

Finally, here’s to a happy belated May Day, Derby Days, and Cinco de Mayo.






Texas School of Professional Photography 2013

From Friday, April 26th, through Sunday, May 5th, As You Wish photography will be closed.

I have the distinct honor of serving on staff at Texas School of Professional Photography while learning from the wonderful Ross Benton.

Texas School is a ~7am-to-midnight week of intense learning (and fun), so I’ll return messages starting Monday, May 6th.

In the mean time, browse the site to view our work, pricing, and all the things that make us just… As You Wish!

“…Guest book…LOVE!!!…”

“Guest book [arrived]. LOVE!!!”
-Leanne H.
via SMS: 4/13/13 3:23 PM

While we won’t show the pictures of Leanne’s guest book until after her wedding guests have seen it, we love it, too, and can not wait to share it with you all!