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Friday Fun: surprise wedding on Mobbed

Surprise Weddings

Surprise Weddings are one of those things that comes and goes in the industry. One version of the idea is that the guy is not only proposing “Will you marry me?” to his girlfriend, he’s really asking “Will you marry me right now?”

  • Over the years, the kind of boyfriend who can pull this off is well-aware of the girlfriend’s opinions. He’s worked in the right location and colors. He’s probably chosen classic elements like harp music and roses. He’s hired a Professional Wedding Planner/Coordinator to ensure the details are covered.
  • Most of all, he’s arranged for her—and all her family and friends—to be at a lush party, dressed to the nines, without the slightest hint of what is about to happen….a feat all unto itself! What kind of excuse could work for such an occasion? After all, the groom-to-be has to make sure that no one is absent without letting on what is about to happen.
  • Finally, in most states, this wedding won’t be legally binding since the bride-to-be will not have applied for the marriage license.

Between insane logistics and taking away a girl’s chance to plan her own wedding, most people are against the idea.

Surprise Wedding on Mobbed (Fox)

Howie Mandel hosts Mobbed. After the first episode aired this week, Fox picked up the show. Ratings were through the roof.

Our Take

It was a wonderful surprise for Nikki (after she recovered from the poorly-planned decoy that was meant to throw her off the scent). However, the wedding part of the surprise was more like a “pep rally”, complete with cheerleaders doing stunts, a marching band to supply the music, and a parade of a processional. There were serious planning flaws from a wedding perspective. Did they hire a wedding planner to help choreograph that part of the mob? And if so, did they give him/her any authority or say in how it would work? While there are very quick “costume changes” in a mob performance, they could have done much better.

  • The dress. Yes, had to be big enough to (quickly!) go over whatever she was wearing, but she already thought she was on reality TV.
    Instead of gray, her dress for their date could have been white on top with a neckline that wouldn’t show above the wedding gown. They could have picked a gown a little closer to her size. They could have used Velcro™ like a zipper in the back instead of leaving it hanging open.
  • The tiara. It looked like a kindergarten project gone awry; pipe cleaners dipped in glue and silver glitter is not acceptable. Tiaras have to be pinned or otherwise seated into a hair do, which is why it wouldn’t stay on her head.
    Instead, they should have used a headband either studded in sparkles or with an attached flower for her hair, which is all the rage right now.
  • The wedding party.
    They already flew the bridesmaids to California, so they needed to put a little more effort into their attire.
  • No flowers?
    Instead, pick a handful of actors from the mob of about 1,000 to hand flowers to the bride and maids as they pass by.
  • Her family stuck in the cheap seats.
    Instead, make them part of the conga-line procession and the them, as a family unit, wish the couple happiness.
  • Where were his family and friends?
    Leaving them out of the narration makes it seem like they didn’t support this idea or like he doesn’t have any. Was there not even a Best Man who was able/willing to fly to California for the wedding?

Worst of all, Nikki seemed just stunned and shell shocked by the whole thing. Your wedding day is already a blur of memories that goes by so fast. What if the whole day was crammed into a 5-minute TV spot filmed at a shopping mall?

There were a lot of lines missing from the wedding, even for a civil ceremony. We suspect a real wedding will be planned that speaks to their tastes/faith/culture and involves all their family and friends in a more intimate setting.

So, if this surprise wedding was really just an elaborate proposal for a real wedding that they can plan together, then we give it a thumbs up for fun!

Planning to Pop?

If you are planning to pop the question, we recommend a wonderful and creative proposal—whether it’s just the two of you or a big mob, whether it’s a big production or a traditional asking, “Will you marry me?”


Another surprise-type wedding is when the bride and groom plan the whole thing, invite everyone to a “party,” and then surprise the guests with their wedding.

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